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Patrick D. Thornton, CNM, MSN

Certified Nurse Midwife

1201 South Braddock Avenue, Suite 3
Pittsburgh, PA 15218

in Regent Square

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412-247-5732 Fax





Ortho Evra birth control ("the patch") now available FREE to qualified clients through our Family Health Council affiliation.


USA TODAY -- "More men train to be nurses, midwives, secretaries"

Pittsburgh Tribune Review -- "Yates case puts spotlight on moms"

Women's Health Options Network is an affiliation of medical and complimentary health care providers dedicated to offering medically sound, compassionate and holistic health care to women. Care is provided primarily by
Patrick D. Thornton, CNM, a Certified Nurse Midwife, who founded the network in 1999 (Patrick is pictured at right with client). Other practitioners work independently in a variety of fields including chiropractic, massage, childbirth education.

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What is a Nurse Midwife? Certified Nurse Midwives (CNM's) are Registered Nurses (RN's) with advanced education in women's health. Licensed in all 50 states, CNM's provide a variety of services including gynecological exams, birth control, menopause care and child birth services both in and out of hospitals. For several decades, numerous research studies have documented the outstanding quality of CNM care, both in and out of hospitals. With special training in teaching and listening and less pressure to practice high volume health care, nurse midwives are better able to meet the routine care needs of most women. Referrals and consultations are made as needed to surgical, medical or complementary health specialists.


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