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Patrick D. Thornton, CNM, MSN

Certified Nurse Midwife

1201 South Braddock Avenue, Suite 3
Pittsburgh, PA 15218

in Regent Square

directions to the office

hours by appointment
412-247-5732 Fax


La Leche LeagueLa Leche League
Greater Pittsburgh

Accredited volunteer Leaders provide breastfeeding and meeting information for pregnant and nursing women.

La Leche League of Western Pennsylvania

Allegheny County

Bethel Park Morning (1st Wed) 
Terri 412-257-4019

Monroeville Morning (2nd Fri)
Lori 724-327-2115
Liz 724-733-4571

Monroeville/Plum Evening (2nd Tues)
Kathy 724-446-1662
Lori 412-321-6286

North Hills Morning (3rd Mon)
Cindy 724-444-8045
Karri 724-625-9878
Anne 724-940-0032

Pittsburgh East Evening (4th Thurs AM)
Jessica 412-421-0649
(M) Denise 412-362-1239

Wilkins-Home-Liberty (Call for information)
Becky 724-325-4802

Other Leaders in Allegheny County
Laura 724-457-0221
(P) Suzanne 412-343-0654
Dana 412-244-3171

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Allegheny County
Beaver County
Blair County
Butler County
Clearfield County
Erie County
Elk County
Fayette County
Huntingdon County
Indiana County
Mercer County
Washington County
Westmoreland County

Product Key

(M) = Medela Product Depot (Products for sale include Breast Shells, Supplemental Nutrition System, Manual-Electric Pump, Pump-in-Style, No Rentals.)

(L) = Lansinoh Products Distributer

(P) = Electric Breast Pump Rental Depot

For the name of an accredited La Leche League Leader in other parts of Western Pennsylvania, call the Central Referral Phone (412) 276-5630


Beaver County

Beaver Valley Morning (3rd Mon)
Karen 724-728-3637

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Blair County

Altoona (Call for information)
Alison 814-696-9275
Laura 814-696-9275
Pamela 814-686-0571

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Butler County

Butler Area Evening (1st Tues PM)
Karen 724-586-5040
Jeannie 724-287-8660
Julie 724-794-9709

Cranberry Area (2nd Monday PM)
Cathy 724-933-3385
Karri 724-625-9878
Vicki 724-453-3524
Barb 724-865-2013

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Clearfield County

Calls only
Karen 814-345-5683

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Erie County

Erie (Call for information)
Dana 814-452-6441
Barb P. 814-833-0769
Solveig 814-825-1178
Benita 814-833-8747
Karen 814-833-5887
Lauren 814-774-3598

Greene Twp (3rd Tuesday AM)
Margaret 814-825-3576

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Elk County

Elk County (3rd Tuesday PM & 3rd Thursday AM)
Amy 814-781-7185
Melanie 814-834-1610

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Fayette County

Fay-West Evening (2nd Tuesday)
Tina 724-628-8919
Sharon 724-438-1816
Lisa 724-529-2276

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Huntingdon County

Huntingdon (4th Thursday AM & 2nd Tuesday PM)
Karen 814-643-6493
Elizabeth 814-644-0561

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Indiana County

Indiana (2nd Wednesday PM & last Wednesday AM)
Alisa 724-479-9363
Michelle 724-463-9890
Tina 724-465-2504

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Mercer County

Shenago Valley (4th Wednesday AM)
Barbara 724-962-6040
Kathy 724-253-3113

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Washington County

Canonsburg/Cecil Morning (2nd Tues)
(P) Janeen 724-745-5318
Cindy 724-746-2188

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Westmoreland County

Greensburgh Evening (1st Thurs)
Mari 724-238-0210
Linn 724-836-0846
(P) (L) Judy 724-832-2507
Teresa 724-523-9547

Irwin Evening (2nd Wed)
Beth 724-863-8852
Rosemary 724-864-6819
Justine 724-863-3952
Mary Lou 724-864-4543

Latrobe (3rd Tuesday AM)
Amy 724-532-3347

Other Leaders in Westmoreland County
Nellie 724-864-1574

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