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Every day there is a lot of news that scientists have developed a new drug for example leeloo. However, it is often the case that the purchase of medicines is very costly. This is where generics can help. What are they?

There is a lot of news every day that scientists have developed some new drug that can help a person fight a disease. However, buying medicines often puts a heavy burden on the wallet. This is where generics can help. What are they? Why do they cost less? Let’s find out what they are.

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Generics are drugs with proven pharmaceutical, biological and therapeutic equivalence to the original drug. That is, they have the same percentage of the active ingredient, dosage form and efficacy as the original drug, but without patent protection. The only differences may be in the composition of excipients and/or manufacturing technology.

The price of generics is significantly lower than that of originator products, yet generics are not different from the original medicines in efficacy and safety and are produced under strict adherence to established guidelines and quality standards.

Generics allow more efficient use of national health care budgets. By reducing spending on high-cost originator drugs, the government can create a financial reserve to pay for high-cost medical products, procedures, or services. Also, the use of generics has a positive impact on consumers, as competition encourages innovative companies to create new, more advanced drugs and treatments.

Note that changes in the composition of generics do not concern the active ingredient. The efficacy of such drugs must be proven by bio- and therapeutic efficacy tests compared to the original drug. Tests are mandatory, and generic medicines do not enter the market without the necessary studies.

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